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Quick Menu Builder 1.31

Quick Menu Builder enables you to create custom, executable menus
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Matthieu Godon

Quick Menu Builder is an application that allows the user to build executable menus. It is made simple and every menu created is compiled into an individual executable file working on al Windows versions. The construction of the menus is easy, quick and does not require any advance knowledge.

The program interface is intuitive and was designed to be easily used, allowing to progress without issues throughout building a menu. The making of a menu is divided into single steps which have certain liberties to set up different features.

The menu buttons are integrated into the background picture. And each button can be assigned to perform a different action like running a program, explore a folder, open a document or URL, etc. Quick Menu Builder also supports animated gif pictures, videos and Flash media to give interactiveness and professional look to a menu.

Create a CD or DVD menu in minutes or take time to personalize the menu to the last detail. Almost every feature is customizable so that each menu created turns to be unique and different from any other ever made. The trick is that they are created as an "under-lay" beneath an image, visually making it more attractive.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Create menus in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Flash support


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